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About PC Cluster Consortium

PC clusters, parallel systems using microprocessors, are now indispensable IT infrastructure for modern society, not only for HPC targeted to scientific and technical computing, but also for large-scale data processing systems that support big data, and used as a platform for AI/ML such as deep learning.

Since its founding in 2001, the PC Cluster Consortium has been supporting the dissemination of various open source software that realizes high-performance computing with PC cluster technology, and contributed the development of the PC cluster market through several activities of its members.

As it is 20 years since its founding, this consortium has established a new management policy to contribute to the technology development for system design and utilization of HPC clusters based on PC server, and the market development of the IT systems based on the HPC cluster technology. Based on this new management policy, we will reorganize the SIG groups and develop attractive activities to open the new era.

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