scorehosts.db - SCore Cluster Database

Upon execution, scoreboard(8) reads its configuration information from a configuration file which, by default, is (INSTALL_DIR)/etc/scorehosts.db. The file consists of a number of records. Each record has a unique name to identify it with other records in the file, and each record has several attributes. The attributes consist of an attribute name and one or more associated values. All values are treated as character strings, and there is no data type.

A record is terminated by a newline (\n) character. The record name is the first blank-separated token followed by one or more attribute/value pairs. Each attribute name and value pair is also separated by blank(s) or tab(s). The equal (=) character, immediately after the attribute name, separates attribute name and value tokens. Lists of values are separated by comma (,). There is no way to include a blank character in a record name, an attribute name, or a value.

Here is an example of a record:

a b=1,2,3 c=true
This describes a record "a" having two attributes "b" and "c". The values of attribute "b" are "1", "2", and "3". The "c" attribute has only one value of "true". There can be multiple attributes with the same name in a record, and in this case, the values list is treated as a concatenation of the attribute values.

A value can also be path to a file. When there is a record like:

dwarf bib:file=/home/dwarf/bibliography.txt
In this case, the attribute name must be suffixed by :file. If a client program running on a remote host tries to read the file located on the server host where the scoreboard program is running, the scoreboard program and its client library together make a cache file on the client host. The cached file is located in the directory /var/scored/scoreboard, and the cached file name is encoded to identify the original file.

The database file is firstly preprocessed by the cpp(1) UNIX program when the database file is analyzed by the scoreboard program. Thus users can include any other database file (using #include) or define (using #define) any macros in the database file. INSTALL_DIR is a predefined symbol and set to the same directory where scoreboard was installed. Consult your system administrator for the exact location. All parentheses ("(" and ")") are ignored, however, unmatched parentheses are warned. Usually parentheses are used to separate macros with other symbols. Here is an example.

troll datafile=(INSTALL_DIR)/troll.txt
When a client tries to open and read this file, the original file is located in the INSTALL_DIR directory, and INSTALL_DIR is defined when scoreboard was made.

* Attributes used by the SCore Cluster System Software

The Cluster Database file must hold all cluster configuration information required by the SCore programs. There must be two types of records, host records and network records.


scoreboard(8), msgbserv(8), scorehosts(1), msgb(1), scout(1), scrun(1), scored(8), PM API(3),

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