msgb - display locking status of cluster nodes

msgb [-group scoreboard-group] [-server host[:port]] [-title title-name] [-small]

msgb displays the locking status of cluster nodes maintained by the Compute Host Lock Server, msgbserv(8). The Compute Host Lock Server keeps track of the cluster status so cluster users may occupy cluster nodes exclusively.

The options available for msgb:

-group scoreboard-group
Specifies the node group to monitor. scoreboard-group must be defined in the scorehosts.db configuration file used by scoreboard(8). The shell environment variable SCBDSERV must be set to access the Cluster Database server

-server host[:port]
Specifies the Compute Host Lock Server hostname (and its port number if specified). If this argument is not specified, the value of the shell environment variable MSGBSERV is taken as the hostname (and the port number, if any), or the hostname and port are found by accessing scoreboard(8) if the -group option is specified

-title title-name
Set the title of the window

Display the status of nodes in small, unnamed cells. Clicking the left mouse-button in the cell causes detailed information to pop up

The msgb program displays each cluster node as a cell in a matrix. The color of the cell determines the status of the node. Unlocked nodes are shown in blue. Locked nodes are shown in red.

The user id of who locked the node, the time when the node was locked, and the node name are displayed in succession.

Clicking the right mouse-button causes a menu to pop up. Each menu item is described below:

Selects the number of rows of nodes displayed in the window

Whether to raise the window when the cluster node status changes

The interval between displaying each item of node information

Save Setting
Save the above settings to the file $HOME/.msgbrc

Quit the program

If the grid is toggled to a small size, then pressing the left mouse-button will display the hostname of the node in a pop-up window. If the node is locked then the used id of the account that locked the node, together with the hostname and date where the command was executed are also displayed.

Set MSGBSERV if you will not use the -server or -group options
Set SCBDSERV for the -group option to access the Cluster Database server

Configuration file for msgb display settings
Cluster Database configuration file

msgbserv(8), scorehosts.db(5), scoreboard(8), scout(1), scrun(1)

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