SCore System Installation on Server

Login to the server host and perform the following:

  1. Configure the scoreboard database
    The database format is described in scorehosts.db(5). The database must be the /opt/score/etc/scorehosts.db file. A sample file, scorehosts-db.sample, is located in the doc/html/installation/ directory. In the following example, we assume four dual Pentium III computers are connected by Myrinet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 100 Mbps Ethernet.
    /* PM/Myrinet */
    myrinet	type=myrinet \
    		-firmware:file=/opt/score/share/lanai/lanai.mcp \
    /* PM/Ethernet */
    ethernet	type=ethernet \
    /* PM/SCIt */
    sci		type=sci \
    /* PM/SHMEM */
    shmem0		type=shmem -node=0
    shmem1		type=shmem -node=1
    /* Macro to define a host */
    #define PCC		msgbserv=( \
    			cpugen=pentium-iii speed=500 smp=2 \
    			network=myrinet,sci,ethernet,shmem0,shmem1 \
    			group=pcc	PCC	PCC	PCC	PCC
    If your Myrinet network is Myrinet 2000 with serial or fiber link interface (M3S-PCI64B and M3F-PCI64B), please use myrinet2k network type and lanaiM2k.mcp firmware. myrinet record should be the following definition:
    /* PM/Myrinet (for Myrinet 2000 Serial M3S-PCI64B, or Fiber M3F-PCI64B) */
    myrinet	type=myrinet2k \
    		-firmware:file=/opt/score/share/lanai/lanaiM2k.mcp \
    If your compute hosts are Itanium machines, and your myrinet is Myrinet 2000, please use myrinet2k network type and lanaiM2k64.mcp firmware. myrinet record should be the following definition:
    /* PM/Myrinet for Itanium */
    myrinet type=myrinet2k \
                    -firmware:file=/opt/score/share/lanai/lanaiM2k64.mcp \
    If your Myrinet network is Myrinet XP (M3F-PCIXD), please use myrinetxp network type and lanaixp.mcp firmware. myrinet record should be the following definition:
    /* PM/Myrinet for Myrinet XP */
    myrinet type=myrinetxp \
                    -firmware:file=/opt/score/share/lanai/lanaixp.mcp \
    If you don't have some of the above network interfaces, they must be deleted from this file. For example, if you don't have a Myrinet network and a SCI network, then the PCC macro should be:
    #define PCC		msgbserv=( \
    			cpugen=pentium-iii speed=500 smp=2 \
    			network=ethernet,shmem0,shmem1 \
    If you only have single-processor Pentium III computers then smp=1 must be defined in the host macro. Without this entry SCore-D will issue a warning message saying it is unable to get the SMP field. The above PCC macro should, in this case, be replaced with:
    #define PCC             msgbserv=( \
                            cpugen=pentium-iii speed=500 smp=1 \
                            network=ethernet \
    Be sure that all hostnames in this database, the compute hosts and msgbserv host, have exactly the same name as that produced by the hostname(1) command.

  2. Create files under the /etc/profile.d directory
    The SCBDSERV environment variable and execution path must be set for shells. The following examples are bash, sh, csh, and tcsh.
    1. /etc/profile.d/
              export PATH PWD
              export SCBDSERV
    2. /etc/profile.d/score.csh
              set path = (/opt/score/bin /opt/score/sbin /opt/score/deploy $path)
              setenv SCBDSERV
  3. Create /etc/score.conf file
    The /etc/score.conf format is described in score.conf.

  4. Start the scoreboard and msgb servers
    In order to start the servers, execute the following:

    	# /etc/rc.d/init.d/scoreboard start
    	# /etc/rc.d/init.d/msgbserv start
    Look in the /var/log/msgbserv.out file to check that msgbserv is correctly running, i.e. there are no errors in this file.

  5. PMv2 Device Configuration
    1. Myrinet
      To set up the PM/Myrinet configuration file, see the PMv2 MYRINET CONF(5) man page. For example, the following entries should be stored in /opt/score/etc/pm-myrinet.conf, whose file name was specified in /opt/score/etc/scorehosts.db
      # Host Number   Host Name               Switch Number . Port Number
      0                    0.0
      1                    0.1
      2                    0.2
      3                    0.3

    2. Ethernet
      The PM/Ethernet configuration file format is described in the PMv2 ETHERNET CONF(5) man page. To set up the PM/Ethernet configuration file, you may use the mkpmethernetconf(8) command. Examples are shown below.
      1. Using Gigabit Ethernet
                # export SCBDSERV
        	# cd /opt/score/etc
        	# /opt/score/deploy/mkpmethernetconf \
        	    -speed 1000 -g pcc > pm-ethernet.conf
      2. Using Fast Ethernet (100Mbps Ethernet)
                # export SCBDSERV
        	# cd /opt/score/etc
        	# /opt/score/deploy/mkpmethernetconf \
        	    -speed 100 -g pcc > pm-ethernet.conf

      Note that all compute hosts must be installed and up because an Ethernet MAC address is obtained by issuing the rsh command to a compute host.

  6. PBS/SCore
    See PBS/SCore Administrator's Guide if you want to use PBS/SCore.

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