SCore System Re-Compilation and Installation from Source

  1. SCore Source Extraction
    If you have not extracted the source files, read the Source Module Extraction page.

  2. Customization

    To customize the SCore system, you may edit the following files:

  3. Create the SCore executable images
    Issue the following commands:
    	# cd /opt/score/score-src
    	# ./configure
    	# make
    If you create site depend file site, Issue the following commands:
            # cd /opt/score/score-src
            # ./configure --option=site
            # make
If you have already install the SCore system software, the following settings were already created. Otherwise, you have to follow the following description.
  1. Server Host
    To set up the configuration files and daemons, read the SCore System Installation on Server page.

  2. Compute Hosts
    Please read the following documents:
    1. Standard Linux Modifications
    2. SCore System Installation on Compute Hosts

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