SCOUT Test Procedure

Try the following test procedure on your server host to verify your cluster operation.
The bash(1) shell is used in the examples.
  1. Set the SCBDSERV and PATH environment variables

    If you have installed the system by your hand, please make sure that the SCBDSERV shell environment is set. If not, please login again. If you still do not see the variable, please make sure that a profile file for your login shell has been created under the /etc/profile.d, which is described in the server host settings section.

  2. Test scoreboard cluster database server
    $ scorehosts -l -g pcc
    4 hosts found.
  3. Check cluster hosts
    $ sceptic -v -g pcc OK OK OK OK
    No defected host.
  4. Invoke the Compute Host Lock Client
    $ msgb -group pcc &
    pcc is the name of the group you defined in the scoreboard database.

  5. Run SCOUT commands
    $ scout -g pcc
    SCOUT: Spawn done.   
    SCOUT: session started
    $ scout
    SCOUT(4.0): Ready.
    $ ls
    index.html  start.html
    $ scout ls
    $ date
    Mon Nov  1 09:25:31 JST 1999
    $ scout date
    Mon Nov  1 09:25:34 JST 1999

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