SCore Binary Module Extraction and Installation

The binary rpm files are located on,2/rpm.fedoracore1.i386/ or,2/rpm.fedoracore1.i386/

If you have an SCore Version 5.8,2 CD-ROM, you will find rpm files under the /mnt/cdrom/score.rpm/ and under the /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS/ directories.

  1. Binary Module Extraction

    We assume that SCore binary rpm files will be downloaded under the /opt/ directory on the server host.

  2. Binary Module Installation

    After downloading RPM files under the /opt/ on the server host, then execute the following commands:

    	# cd /opt/
    	# ./bininstall -server
    bininstall will install several daemon programs and startup scripts. For instance, the following files will be installed for the daemon settings in addition to installation of several administration commands:


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