Attention:SCore 5.4 dose not have binary compatibility of SCore 5.0.1 or before.
If you want to execute old SCore programs, please recompile them.

New features in SCore 5.4

  1. A standard input for the scout command is supported.

  2. Kernel 2.4.19 is supported.

  3. The following distributions are supported:

  4. The OSCAR installation tool is used for IA64.

  5. The pmmyri kernel option is introduced.

    To use the GM driver of Myrinet in the distributed kernel, the pmmyri=0 option is specified at the boot time.

  6. The msgblock is introduced (actually come back).

  7. Performance Improvements

  8. The SCORE_RSH environment variable is introduced so that you may specify an rsh command used in the rsh-all and rpmtest commands.

  9. The mkpmmyrinetconf is introduced.

  10. The scare command is introduced for the xinetd environment.

  11. Contributions

    The contribution packages from members and others are included. You may get them from the /mnt/cdrom/score-5.4.0.contrib.tar.gz file.

    These contribution packages are as is, and the consortium does not support them.

    1. OpenPBS/SCore from Fujitsu Laboratories

    2. SGE/SCore, Sun Grid Engine, from NEC corporation

    3. Acebox and Icebox from Swimmy software, Inc.

    4. MPICH-G2/SCore from The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

    5. PXE boot from Streamline Computing

Bug Fixes

  1. SCore does not work more than 128 hosts.

  2. The mpich 1.2.4 logviewer command does not have an execution right.

  3. The mpich 1.2.4 Fortran 90 library does not exist.

  4. PM/shmem does not work in IA64.


  1. MPICH 1.2.0/SCore and openPBS binaries are not distributed.

  2. MPICH libraries for Intel Compiler versions 6 and 7 are distributed.


  1. IA64 porting

    We have not tested the following features in an IA64 cluster:
    1. Checkpoint

    2. Omni OpenMP

    3. PBS

  2. The PM/Ethernet network trunking feature has been only tested on up to three Intel EEPRO100 NICs and up to two Syskonnect SK9843 NICs, Intel PRO1000/XT NICs and Broadcom BCM5701 baseed NICs. We already found that the feature does not work using some different NIC cards, e.g., the combination of tulip and 3C05B NICs.

  3. PVM is not fully tested.

  4. PVM does not work in an SMP cluster.

Known Bugs

  1. EIT
    1. The modification of the display name in the network configuration window is not effective.

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This document is a part of the SCore cluster system software developed at PC Cluster Consortium, Japan. Copyright (C) 2003 PC Cluster Consortium.