New features in SCore 5.0

  1. The copyright is transferred to the PC Cluster Consortium.

  2. SCore is now distributed under the LGPL license.

  3. Linux kernel 2.4.18 support (RedHat 7.2)

  4. No requirement of the scout command to run a user program in the single user environment
    A traditional command sequence is shown below:
        $ scout -g pcc
        $ scrun ./a.out
        $ exit
    The above commands are equivalent to the following command.
        $ scrun -group=pcc ./a.out

  5. A notation of the host group specification is enhanced
    Assume that the pcc1 group consists of host1, host2, host3, and host4 and the pcc2 group consists of hosta, hostb, hostc, and hostd.

  6. The execution hosts may be defined in a file
        $ scrun -file=machines.LINUX ./a.out
    In the above example, the host list in the machines.LINUX file is used. An example of the machines.LINUX file is shown as follows:

  7. The documents are reorganized

  8. The EIT easy installation tool

Bug Fixes

  1. A bug in 1 GB or larger physical main memory is fixed.


  1. The PM/Ethernet network trunking feature has been only tested on up to three Intel EEPRO100 NICs and up to two Syskonnect SK9843 NIC. We already found that the feature does not work using some different NIC cards, e.g., the combination of tulip and 3C05B NICs.
  2. PVM is not fully tested.
  3. PVM does not work in an SMP cluster.

Known Bugs

  1. EIT
    1. The modification of the display name in the network configuration window is not effective.

    2. EIT will generate a wrong network format in the scorehosts.db file if
      • the cluster has more than one network and
      • all compute hosts do not have all networks
      In the following cluster configuration, for example,
      comp0.pccluster.orgMyrinet and Ethernet
      comp1.pccluster.orgMyrinet and Ethernet
      If you configure a compute host group including server and compute hosts, EIT will generate a wrong network specification as follows:  HOST_0 network=ethernet group=_scoreall_,pcc-server smp=1 MSGBSERV  HOST_1 network=myrinet2k,ethernet group=_scoreall_,pcc-server,pcc smp=1 MSGBSERV  HOST_2 network=myrinet2k,ethernet group=_scoreall_,pcc-server,pcc smp=1 MSGBSERV
      This should be as follows:  HOST_0 network=ethernet group=_scoreall_,pcc-server smp=1 MSGBSERV  HOST_1 network=ethernet,myrinet2k group=_scoreall_,pcc-server,pcc smp=1 MSGBSERV  HOST_2 network=ethernet,myrinet2k group=_scoreall_,pcc-server,pcc smp=1 MSGBSERV
      However, be carefull that default network in the pcc group is ethernet, not myrinet2k !

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This document is a part of the SCore cluster system software developed at PC Cluster Consortium, Japan. Copyright (C) 2003 PC Cluster Consortium.