New Features in SCore 4.0

  1. License of SCore Cluster software is changed
  2. PVM-SCore, a PVM implementation on SCore, is available
  3. TACO, a C++ template library for topologies and collections, is introduced
  4. PM test
    scstest is introduced
  5. Checking cluster host
    sceptic is introduced
  6. Scorehosts, rsh-all, kill-all, scout
    Host group specification is enhanced. Spare host specification is introduced
  7. SCore-D
    Session is implemented

Unsupported in SCore 4.0

  1. SCOOP is unsupported

Bugs Fixed in SCore 4.0

  1. SCore-D
    1. The bug of checking current working directory on cluster hosts is fixed
    2. The bug of limiting the number of jobs on a host is fixed

  2. PM/Myrinet for Myrinet 2000 with serial and fiber links (M3S-PCI64B and M3F-PCI64B)
    PM/Myrinet for Myrinet 2000 gets more stable. However Zero-copy message transfer is not stable yet. Myrinet 2000 with SAN link should be worked using myrinet network type and, can be used with both myrinet and myrinet2k network types.

    CAUTION: Myinet 2000 NICs with serial link, which delivered before the middle of April 2001, may cause severe CRC errors such as hundreds of CRC errors in one hour. So network stress test using rcstest should be processed, and checked using following command.
    # cat /proc/pm/myrinet/0/info

This document is a part of the SCore cluster system software developed at PC Cluster Consortium, Japan. Copyright (C) 2003 PC Cluster Consortium.