New features in SCore 4.2

  1. Linux Kernel 2.4.10 support (RedHat 7.1)
  2. Benchmark programs are added.
  3. Bibliography is updated and some papers are included.

Unsupported in SCore 4.2

  1. Compaq Alpha Processor is unsupported (untested)
  2. MPICH-SCore driver version 2.0 (ch-score2) is unsupported. Note that the default MPICH-SCore is version 1.0 (ch-score1). If you do not know version 2.0, do not worry about this information.
  3. PM/Agent/UDP is unsupported

Bug Fixes

  1. Checkpointing bug introduced in the 4.1 release
  2. PVM problems in the 4.1 release
  3. PM/Ethernet works on a single 3Com 3C905B Ethernet card as long as we tested.


  1. The PM/Ethernet network trunking feature has been only tested on up to three Intel EEPRO100 NICs. We already found that the feature does not work using some different NIC cards, e.g., the combination of tulip and 3C05B NICs.
  2. PVM is not fully tested.
  3. PVM does not work in an SMP cluster and does not work using Ethernet.

This document is a part of the SCore cluster system software developed at PC Cluster Consortium, Japan. Copyright (C) 2003 PC Cluster Consortium.