New Features in SCore 3.3.2

  1. Beta version of PM/Myrinet for Myrinet 2000 with serial and fiber links(M3S-PCI64B and M3F-PCI64B)
    Reliability of serial and optical network versions of Myrinet 2000 is worse than SAN version of Myrinet 2000, one CRC error may occur in 1 hour message transfer. So a reliable protocol is implemented to PM/Myrinet. The network type of the reliable version of PM/Myrinet is myrinet2k, and the firmware for myrinet2k is lanaiM2k.mcp which is different from that of myrinet (lanai.mcp).
    This reliable protocol is beta version. So, some limitation exists.
    1. Zero-copy is not guaranteed (under development).
    2. This verion may not endure against much packet error such as over 10 times CRC error or packet losses within 1 second.
    If you are using Myrinet 2000 with SAN network, you should use myrinet network type instead of myrinet2k network type.

Bugs Fixed in SCore 3.3.2

  1. PM/Ethernet
    Some bugs of pmRead and pmWrite were fixed. So, SCASH on PM/Ethernet works properly.
  2. SCASH
    A scash_barrier() bug is fixed.
    SCASH new implementaion for SMP cluster is released.
  3. SCore-D
    SCore-D is more stable and robust.
  4. Checkpoint
    Checkpoint function works on SMP clusters and with Zero-Copy PM/Myrinet communication.

This document is a part of the SCore cluster system software developed at PC Cluster Consortium, Japan. Copyright (C) 2003 PC Cluster Consortium.