New Features in SCore 3.2

  1. Easy Installation Tool
    Redhat6.2/i386 and Redhat6.2/alpha are supported.

  2. Compiler Support
    The Fujitsu compilers for i386 are now supported.

  3. New PM Devices

  4. /proc/pm/
    Pseudo files contain PM device status.

  5. PM/Ethernet
    1. Network trunking
      You benefit from multiple Ethernet cards.
    2. VRead/VWrite facilities
      SCASH under the PM/Ethernet environment is now available.

  6. PM/Myrinet
    Myrinet-2000 (LANai-9) is supported.

  7. SCore-D

  8. PBS/SCore

  9. MPICH/SCore
    Optional C compiler support

  10. MPICH/SCore version2
    SCore 3.2 has two versions of MPICH/SCore, versions 1 and 2.

  11. Omni OpenMP Compiler for SCASH

  12. SCASH

This document is a part of the SCore cluster system software developed at PC Cluster Consortium, Japan. Copyright (C) 2003 PC Cluster Consortium.